Plotter or Pantser?

Started to read an interesting book about writing, planning and creating plots and outlines. Plotters work everything out in detail before writing. Pantsers ‘write by the seat of their pants’. If you follow James Patterson’s Masterclass video about writing (I’m not into it very far), he makes it clear how important it is to have a detailed outline, and I agree with him. But I’ve also learned that you need to let your fantasy have its chance too. When I get into the story, it sometimes comes alive and diverts a little from the original plot. I think that’s OK, as long as you don’t overdo it and don’t maneuver yourself into a corner (which James also talks about). I believe letting your phantasy run free for a while can introduce some great twists and turns that you couldn’t have anticipated before. Pre-Earth sequel: now up to 28,300 words and I’m enjoying writing this book!