Writing and Gigs

Due to a million distractions, Pre-Earth in German is still not finished (but it’s making progress towards the end). I’ve had events in the Amazona-Zentrum, Augsburg, and I’ve been working on my (tri-lingual!) submarine book project as well as trying to polish up the sequel to Pre-Earth (English). Running all these projects in parallel is quite time-consuming, but it will pay off in 2019! Now I just have to write 12-15 songs for Lyneste’s new CD, which is scheduled to appear early 2020. Phew!

Pre-Earth in German

I finally feel I’m reaching the end. I’ve had quite some help from friends and should be able to finish the manuscript next week. with the intention of launching the book at Amazon a.s.a.p.


Benn very busy with new songs for a new CD lately. Added Lyneste’s stuff to Bandcamp and will follow up with my own songs too. Read some parts of an Anthology from a MasterClass course about writing (collecting new impulses) and came up with the idea of writing very short stories for a while. It would come easier to me, as a longer novel really does engage me for weeks. Also, I have tons of ideas that I could use, and the production turnover would be higher too. Hmm, time to think over the next two weeks when not recording new songs!

Submarine Project

Up early again. Inspired by a) an early night’s sleep and b) the usual Sunday evening film that was about a man lived in a camper car and wrote books for women. My dream! Traveling around free and writing for a living (only, I’d be writing more music too). I’ve started to play more for myself and I’m slowly getting back into what I call ‘composing mode’. If you stop for too long then it’s hard to be musically creative. You have to push yourself (as with everything else). By practicing more, it becomes easier to compose. And it becomes easier to produce those snippets that finally become a song. But to be fair on myself, it’s been two very busy weeks. Anyway, happy to be up early so that I can push on with my ‘submarine project’ (a new book under a pen name). Can you keep a secret? Good, so can I …


I have decided to try to up my efforts on Instagram. For one, it seems to be growing in popularity (compared with Facebook, which seems to be declining), and for another, it releases the power of the hashtag and @ tag. I currently have 46 followers as ranson_andrew (unfortunately, all the other variations of my name seem to have been used up). My goal: get 1,000 followers in two months! That’s the challenge :-). I’ll add some posts today, as well as a new Lyneste account. We’ll see what happens!

TV interview with a.TV

Yesterday a.TV came to our flat and recorded interviews with me, Cathy and my daughter Michelle. It was all about me as a singer-songwriter, science fiction author, and about my ‘Whisky and Songs’ events. Cathy contributed for Lyneste and Michelle talked about her acting career. Not sure when in March it’ll be transmitted, but looking forward to the final results.

a.TV Interview
a.TV Interview

Plotter or Pantser?

Started to read an interesting book about writing, planning and creating plots and outlines. Plotters work everything out in detail before writing. Pantsers ‘write by the seat of their pants’. If you follow James Patterson’s Masterclass video about writing (I’m not into it very far), he makes it clear how important it is to have a detailed outline, and I agree with him. But I’ve also learned that you need to let your fantasy have its chance too. When I get into the story, it sometimes comes alive and diverts a little from the original plot. I think that’s OK, as long as you don’t overdo it and don’t maneuver yourself into a corner (which James also talks about). I believe letting your phantasy run free for a while can introduce some great twists and turns that you couldn’t have anticipated before. Pre-Earth sequel: now up to 28,300 words and I’m enjoying writing this book!


… words written for the sequel to Pre-Earth so far. You get used to this pattern; you write, you change, you delete, you rethink. But all in all, you need material to work with, and no matter how good your draft writing is, you know you can always improve both the manuscript and the plot. You just have to stick at it. I really want to thrill my readers and do my best. It’s worth getting up at that ungodly hour to work at it. It’s crazy, but it feels good :-).

Pre-Earth Sequel

I think this story has its own mind! I started out with a plot that’s now changed as I’ve written. Normally, I’d have stuck to the original plot, but some new ideas just hit me on the way, and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it’s not a bad thing and perhaps I won’t keep all of the changes, but for now, it feels right. Word count at the last check: just over 21,000. So, there’s a long way to go yet, but I’m writing roughly 1,000 words a day. I know it’ll change and that I’ll scratch some parts, but my target is to write a good book, not to count pages (I only see that as an indication of what I must deliver at least). I think I’ll play with various cover designs soon. That’s a teasing job too.


I watched the first part of a course about writing with James Patterson (NYT Bestseller) yesterday. I enjoyed it very much, and he confirms what’s needed to become successful (many things): perseverance. He even mentioned getting up to write at 05:00, if you can’t find the time during the day. So, having just struggled out of bed at 04:00, after which I made myself a coffee and checked my sales on Amazon, I feel happy—I’m doing this because I love to write. But like anything, it’s a skill that needs to be learned and honed. Right, back to the sequel to Pre-Earth!