The Time Travel Games

The Time Travel Games

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Time is an illusion.

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About the Book

Time travel to the past has become possible in the twenty-eighth century. To entertain and distract the impoverished and hungry masses, convicts are selected, trained, and teleported back to ancient battles with the mission to survive as long as possible in order to win prestige and food points for their respective districts. The prevailing time travel theory claims that the so-called History Players’ actions in the past will only effect parallel universes and therefore not the year 2740, but only as long as their actions are negligible. However, when the retraction of a game winner goes radically wrong, the instigators of the Time Travel Games, the District Leaders, realise the potential danger for their own era. Surprising events start to occur in 2740, and it becomes apparent that the History Player is making significant changes to their past.
The District Leaders plan to intervene to terminate him in order to avoid further radical changes and to secure their own existence.
What once began as a bloodthirsty gladiator game suddenly becomes a race against time to terminate the History Player before his actions in the past change the year 2740 beyond recognition.

Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Amazon
Publication Year: 2017
Format: eBook, Paperback
Length: Short story
Great story. Great read, exciting story about time travel. He makes it seem so real. I look forward to his next book!
A book that stands out from other science fiction novels. Very exciting. Very good ideas. Very good to read. Highly recommended also for non-native speakers. Could not stop reading ...
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About the Author
Andrew Ranson

Andrew Ranson is a technical writer, translator, composer, and author of science fiction stories. His debut book named 'Pre-Earth' was published on Amazon in 2016.

His second novel 'The Time Travel Games' appeared on Amazon a year later.

Andrew studied German at the University of Warwick, England but soon discovered his interest in computers and high-tech silicon chip design. He worked as an IT manager, technical author, webmaster, and translator at several international companies. In 2016 he resigned his full-time position in IT at the age of fifty-seven to write science fiction.

Andrew now lives near Augsburg, Germany, with his wife, Catherine, and continues to pursue several artistic interests alongside writing, such as composing music for the band Lyneste as well as for other projects.

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