A novel about the the real history of our planet

Pre-Earth is the unbelievable story of the true history of the World and an explanation of many legends. A crash-landed alien astronaut unravels the true history of the World during interviews at a secret Airforce Base in Canada. The traveller's mission is to help humanity to prepare to survive a pending natural cataclysm.

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About the Book

When a mysterious object—spotted by the team of the International Space Station (ISS)—crash-lands in a remote part of Canada, the joint US-Canadian team assigned to investigate it makes the initial assumption that the object they have retrieved is a drone of alien origin. However, a dramatic turn of events occurs when an astronaut emerges from the spacecraft a few days later and initial communication with him begins. In a series of breathtaking events, the astronaut reveals that he has the mission to reveal the truth about the history of the planet and to prepare humanity for a new role in the Universe. However, before it can take on this role, humanity must first prepare to deal with a pending natural catastrophe. The means to do this have been installed on Earth millions of years ago, but humanity has since lost all knowledge of this tool. The astronaut’s story paves the way for humanity’s efforts to survive what is coming and to accept its new destiny.

Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Amazon
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook, Paperback
Length: Short story
ISBN: 9781521208915

A lot of people are just going to the true understanding. One day we will come together for the best of humanity. Hope not too late.
– Milton Seda
Fun and quick read. I would love to see a series come from this.
– Frankie G.
Wow! I just finished reading Pre-Earth, boy you did some serious research there! I was delighted to see some of my personal favourite topics (ancient cultures, UFOs, our place and role in the universe), all brought together in one small story, it was definitely right up my alley! I bet you got 100% of your readers installing Google Earth on the spot, just to check on Atlantis! I loved all the technical references (they really brought more realism to the narrative) and how you approached religion and the explanation of some biblical characters and events :) I was a bit shocked when I suddenly read the words "The End", it felt somehow too short, but yes, it actually makes sense,  the book is called "Pre-Earth" after all, you just left me hoping there is a "New renaissance" or "After-Earth" in the pipeline.
– Ricardo Sá
At the moment I'm reading chapter 4 of your book and it's super-exciting! I like your style of writing and there's a lot of detailed knowledge in the story.
– Wolle Röser
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About the Author
Andrew Ranson

Andrew Ranson is a technical writer, translator, composer, and author of science fiction stories. His debut book named 'Pre-Earth' was published on Amazon in 2016.

His second novel 'The Time Travel Games' appeared on Amazon a year later.

Andrew studied German at the University of Warwick, England but soon discovered his interest in computers and high-tech silicon chip design. He worked as an IT manager, technical author, webmaster, and translator at several international companies. In 2016 he resigned his full-time position in IT at the age of fifty-seven to write science fiction.

Andrew now lives near Augsburg, Germany, with his wife, Catherine, and continues to pursue several artistic interests alongside writing, such as composing music for the band Lyneste as well as for other projects.

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