… words written for the sequel to Pre-Earth so far. You get used to this pattern; you write, you change, you delete, you rethink. But all in all, you need material to work with, and no matter how good your draft writing is, you know you can always improve both the manuscript and the plot. You just have to stick at it. I really want to thrill my readers and do my best. It’s worth getting up at that ungodly hour to work at it. It’s crazy, but it feels good :-).

Pre-Earth Sequel

I think this story has its own mind! I started out with a plot that’s now changed as I’ve written. Normally, I’d have stuck to the original plot, but some new ideas just hit me on the way, and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it’s not a bad thing and perhaps I won’t keep all of the changes, but for now, it feels right. Word count at the last check: just over 21,000. So, there’s a long way to go yet, but I’m writing roughly 1,000 words a day. I know it’ll change and that I’ll scratch some parts, but my target is to write a good book, not to count pages (I only see that as an indication of what I must deliver at least). I think I’ll play with various cover designs soon. That’s a teasing job too.


I watched the first part of a course about writing with James Patterson (NYT Bestseller) yesterday. I enjoyed it very much, and he confirms what’s needed to become successful (many things): perseverance. He even mentioned getting up to write at 05:00, if you can’t find the time during the day. So, having just struggled out of bed at 04:00, after which I made myself a coffee and checked my sales on Amazon, I feel happy—I’m doing this because I love to write. But like anything, it’s a skill that needs to be learned and honed. Right, back to the sequel to Pre-Earth!

It’s a fact: the magnetic poles are shifting

I read two articles today that confirm the accelerated shift of the magnetic poles. The doesn’t surprise me; it’s a key part of my novel Pre-Earth. What did surprise me, was the rate at which it’s happening. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was 16km a day. Now it’s an amazing 55km. And there’s more: the shift might flip back, i.e. the flip won’t happen and the poles will snap back to their original positions.

Check two versions of the story here:

Ancient Code

The Weather Channel (sorry, could only find it in German)

Daily plan

The new plan for the next weeks is to get up at 04:00 and write for the sequel to Pre-Earth. It’s tough going, but it seems to be paying off. Whoever said that being an author was a doddle?

Thrashing it out

The third day of corrections to the German translation of Pre-Earth. Reckon I will need a few days yet. Tough going, but I’ve got Eva Cassidy in the background to keep me sane. It would be nice to find someone who could do it for me (it’s not very creative!).

It’s 03:33 in the morning…

One thing I’ve discovered: writing novels has a lot in common with writing songs.
Ideas don’t come to you on a schedule; they roll by on an imaginary all-you-can-eat sushi conveyor belt. If you’re not there when it shows up, you’re going to lose that idea. So, if you have an inspiring idea for a plot, a story, or a song for that matter, then it’s a clever move to have the means of grabbing and preserving it at hand. It’s 03:33 in the morning and I just had an idea for the plot of one of the several stories I’m working on in parallel. And I just had an impulse for the sequel to ‘Pre-Earth’. So let’s write them down and be thankful! Good Morning World!

German version of Pre-Earth is coming

I translated my debut book ‘Pre-Earth’ into German. Now I’m finding out just how hard it is to lick it into shape! On page 75 of the first run (with a lot more to go!)

Pre-Earth; A novel about the real history of our planet

New cover for The Time Travel Games

Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of visual impressions. In the case of my books, that means the cover. I had suspected for some time, that the cover of The Time Travel Games was not optimal. Since changing it, I’ve had a better response at Goodreads and Amazon. I actually started a Facebook group to test book covers, and it’s been useful—not just for me. So, in the future, every book cover will be tested prior to release!

The Time Travel Games
The Time Travel Games

Start of my blog

Yes, I decided to start a blog today. It’s intended to give an insight into two things that I do: write and compose. It’s a rocky ride and it’s not easy to stay focused and creative. But follow me to see some of the ups and downs of doing this!