About the Author

Andrew Ranson is a singer-songwriter and author of science fiction stories. He grew up in England, Hong Kong, and Germany. An avid follower of the Apollo Space Program in his younger years, Andrew soon discovered his interest in computers and pursued a multifaceted technical career at several international companies in the high-tech silicon chip design business. In 2016 he resigned his full-time position in IT at the age of fifty-seven to write science fiction.

Andrew’s debut book named ‘Pre-Earth’, published 2016 on Amazon, was about the true history of planet Earth, unraveled by a team of three men during interviews with a crash-landed alien astronaut and was unprecedentedly successful.

His second novel ‘The Time Travel Games’ is about a savage reality show that utilises time travel to entertain and distract the hungry and impoverished populations of three global districts competing for food and survival.

Andrew now lives near Augsburg, Germany, with his wife, Catherine, and continues to pursue several artistic interests alongside writing, such as composing music for the band Lyneste as well as for other projects.

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