I have been writing and playing music all my life. My roots are definitely in the world of folk but I love almost any form of music – I find differences inspiring!

The next question you’ll be asking is what style of music do I write? Well it’s varied over the years, but it has always been dominated by guitar fingerpicking and harmony.

Over the past few years my music has been influenced by playing with my wife Catherine and two friends (Peter Weigele and Andi Karg) in a group called Lyneste. We sing in various languages, e.g. Icelandic, Irish Gaelic, Spanish and German.

I have also composed background music for travel slideshows but I hope to be compiling my own slideshows later when Catherine and I have seen a little more of the World!

If you’re interested, go to Amazon and look up Andy Treuberg (solo CD ‘At the Boathouse’) or Lyneste for details of our existing music or simply click on the links below.


At the Boathouse





Short song I wrote for newborns

Short video clip with a song I composed for Lyneste (Alic’s Rainbow):


Short video clip with my music (performed by Lyneste and Aurore Delmas) (Soeur de coeur):


Solo: The Magic of the Moment


Solo: Best Friend


Solo: Leaving Ireland (new song)